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Mankind needs pure air and energy to live healthy lives. Our ancestors understood the delicate balance between man and nature. Since the industrial revolution, mankind has distracted himself from the delicate balance that existed for eons. The use of the Earth’s natural resources has increased substantially in the last 50 years. As the population grows and there are more people to consume more resources, the environment is being put under extreme pressure. pankaj Garg

About IceBattery

The best solution for cold chain logistics

Safety transport of sensitive medical products under strict temperature management can save more lives. IceBattery technology realize long-hours food preservation and help the world from a hunger crisis.



IceBattery Capable maintaining perishables freshness and enhance self life.



Supports Blood, Drugs, Body organs that needs special temperature controlled Supports temperature ranges from +25C to -25C, such as 2C~8C, +15c~30C, -25C



Multiple Temperature Support Cold Chain Logistics. with end to end solution as Land Transportation, Air-cargo, Sea and Train


Eco energy

IceBattery is Renewable energy and 100% environment friendly. It doesn`t emission CO2 while operation

IceBattery Cold Chain

Revolution in Cold Chain Logistics

Satisfaction, Quality, Saving energy, Expanding market, Be a popular Brand

  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • New Capability
  • New Possibility
  • New Market
  • Borderless
IceBattery® system is a proven solution in worldwide. Ideal for cold chain logistic

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