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IceBattery® deployment/ Testimonial Etxamples 
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Tsukuba University conducted a Baby leaf test with IceBattery Systems versus scientific refrigerator, that could keep the appropriate temperature & Humidity.

Methods 1
  • For storage experiment, Ice battery box, cold incubator, and usual incubator (250C) were used.
  • The cold incubator used is a high-spec refrigerator for research use.
Methods 2
testimonial_product3 (1)
  • Baby leaves (Komatsuna) brought from Gokigen farm were used.
  • To prevent the loss of water and respiration of leaves, leaves were sealed in gas-control film packages, which is used in general.
  • Storage experiments were carried out three times.

According to test results of four days, the Icebattery System was able to keep 98% of the baby leaf’s color, moisture and vitamin C. This proved that Icebattery clearly has a better preservation capability compared to a scientific refrigerator.

Temperature and Relative Humidity
  • Figure. Temperature (ºC) and relative humidity (% ) in ice battery box (left) and cold incubator (right).
  • Average temperature and relative humidity (n=3)> Ice battery box: 2.9 ± 0.34 ºC, 74.2 ± 5.03% Cold incubator: 2.6 ± 0.18 ºC, 69.7 ± 3.38%
  • In the ice battery box, temperature was kept constant at around 3 ºC as same as in the cold incubator which requires on-off control system.
Inner quality (Vitamin C)
  • The vitamin C stored in the leaf decreased to 60% when it was stored in the incubator, whereas there was no loss of vitamin C in the leaf when it was stored in the IceBattery Box for 4 days.