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The IceBattery®

IceBattery cool bag

IceBattery® Cool Jacket key features are:

The ability to maintain low temperature (20 ̊C ~ 25 ̊C) constantly for more than 4 hours under a 30 ̊C outside temperature.

  • The Jacket is a one-size fit and unisex.
  • The Icebattery® cool jacket can be positioned and adjusted easily and quickly.
  • (日本語) IceBattery®gembaシリーズのCool Jacketを併用
IceBattery fresh to go

The IceBattery®

IceBattery® mini - thin & light refrigerant


(日本語) IceBattery® sportの活用事例

Ice pack preparation

  • 1

    Hold the icepack in your hand

  • 2

    Apply on the area

  • 3

    Keep it for few minutes

    (日本語) 氷嚢とは違い、追加購入する必要はありません。

This is how you should use

(日本語) スポーツ前、試合中、試合後の熱中症対策として熱くなった体部を冷やす。

(日本語) 冷たい飲み物や生鮮食品も一緒に冷やすことができる。
IceBattery®gembaシリーズのCool Jacketを併用

(日本語) IceBattery®gembaシリーズのCool Jacketを併用